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What is Recovhub

Recovhub offers a nationwide drug rehab database and listing directory where individuals can search all 50 states for addiction treatment centers and facility information by city and state or zip code. Our platform seamlessly connects individuals that are actively seeking substance abuse treatment services directly to the provider of their choice for all levels of care in addiction treatment.

Whether you are seeking detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, or a sober living home for yourself or a loved one, Recovhub can help you find and locate the facilities that meet your personal requirements. Locating help for substance use disorder has never been so easy, simply choose the desired level of care you’re interested in and enter the location you wish to search by city and state or zip code. Our goal is to help individuals get the treatment and care they’re in search of, quickly and without any referral interference. Recovhub aims to streamline the patient intake and admissions process for addiction treatment centers and help individuals obtain substance abuse treatment in a timely manner.

Direct access to providers

Recovhub is a software as a service platform that provides individuals that are actively seeking substance abuse treatment direct access to any treatment center without having to use a third-party referral service. We understand that it can be frustrating trying to reach a drug rehab center directly only to end up on a third-party referral website or speaking with someone on the phone whose interest is to make a commission by referring you to a treatment center. We built Recovhub to help eliminate the need for referrals and to help end patient brokering. Additionally, Recovhub helps streamline the patient intake and admissions process by offering a platform where individuals can submit their name, contact information, and health insurance policy to the treatment center they’re interested in to verify their health insurance coverage and verification of benefits in real-time.

Instant eligibility and verification of benefits

When you fill out the form titled “I’m interested” seen on any facility listing displayed on Recovhub and click submit, our system performs a real-time verification of benefits and provides the treatment center with your deductible, co-pay, and other necessary information to continue the patient intake and admissions process. Currently, we’re able to provide instant V.O.B. information from over 2,700 health insurance policies. Our platform helps streamline the patient intake and admissions process and provides a treatment center with the necessary information to accept your application without the lengthy delays of waiting to approve your health insurance. We have removed all of the barriers towards finding, locating, and obtaining substance abuse treatment to effect a lasting recovery.

Substance abuse, dependency, and treatment

Substance abuse describes the misuse of drugs or alcoholic beverages including underage consumption of alcohol. It also relates to the abuse of over the counter medication as well as prescription drugs and illegal drugs. Substance use disorder can be damaging to one’s health, well-being, and can cause lasting side effects as well as the risk of a fatal overdose. Currently, there are many addiction treatment options available to assist individuals and their family members. You can find substance abuse treatment through the Recovhub platform and easily locate addiction treatment centers across all 50 states.

When seeking substance abuse treatment, connecting with addiction professionals that can provide immediate care is extremely important. Professionals working in mental health and behavioral healthcare can explain your options and assist you with getting the treatment you need for addiction, chemical dependency, and any other issues related to drug abuse such as mental health concerns. You will be able to learn about the different treatment options available to you and how they work as part of a complete treatment program to help individuals become alcohol and drug-free.

Locate addiction treatment and sober living

In the United States alone there are more than 14,500 drug treatment centers that are dedicated to the care and treatment of individuals suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. These treatment centers are some of the best in the country and offer the highest caliber of care to effect a lasting recovery for their patients. When searching for the best drug rehab or addiction treatment center that meets your requirements, you can ensure Recovhub offers the information you need from our nationwide drug rehab listing directory and addiction treatment center database. Taking the steps to find substance abuse treatment is one of the best ways to begin the journey toward a successful recovery. The best drug rehab and addiction treatment centers in the country are generally certified by The Joint Commission, Cardiff, or any other accrediting body along with an experienced professional staff that has high success rates in treating individuals in recovery.

Streamlined patient intake and admissions process

Once you find the treatment center that meets all your needs, then you can begin the intake and admissions process which is the first part of obtaining substance abuse treatment. During this phase, a patient assessment is established to help the treatment center better understand an individual’s history and use of drugs and alcohol. During the assessment, the mental health or behavioral healthcare provider will establish a treatment program and plan tailored directly to the patient receiving care. Another part of the intake and admissions process is detox. Detoxing or withdrawing from any drug or alcohol can be a difficult time but it is essential to flush all of the substances such as alcohol, drugs, and other toxins from your body in a measured and monitored way. After detoxing, the rehab and treatment process will commence. During this phase, the focus is on physical, mental, and emotional healing and therapy that is provided in a peaceful, serene, and tranquil setting that helps promote healing. Recovery is a process that will continue throughout your lifetime but rehab will help you to prepare and provide you with the tools you need for lifelong and lasting recovery. In our database, you will find access to the best drug rehab centers from across the country.

Mental health and behavioral health treatment

At Recovhub, we provide access to the facilities that can provide mental health treatment and care for individuals who have these needs. Many if not all of the facilities in our listings database provide addiction treatment as well as treatment for co-occurring disorders such as mental health issues. Potential patients searching our database will find treatment facilities that offer gender-specific care as well as yoga therapy and spiritual therapy. These centers provide inpatient care, outpatient care, and sober living houses where mental disorder treatment and mental health therapy are made available. You can find treatment from certified and licensed staff who are experienced in diagnosing and treating substance abuse as well as mental health and behavioral addictions.

How to find the right treatment center

If you or a loved one has been suffering from drug use, abuse, dependency, or addiction and needs professional substance abuse treatment, Recovhub is here to help. To simplify the search process to find and locate the right treatment center or sober living, Recovhub has classified each treatment center by the level of care and services offered to individuals along with the facility location into one nationwide database that’s simple and easy to search. Using our platform, you can find addiction treatment centers from across the country that can help you or your loved one obtain substance abuse treatment quickly. We understand how important it is to work with an accredited addiction treatment center when receiving care.

Visit our web app at www.recovhub.com and select the appropriate level of care you’re looking for and enter the desired city and state or zip code to search through the listings that meet your criteria. If you or a loved one has been struggling with drug abuse, chemical dependency, or alcohol addiction, Recovhub can help you locate and connect directly to any treatment center listed on our nationwide drug rehab database. Due to the complexity of addiction, substance abuse, and co-occurring disorders, it is imperative to find a treatment center that’s capable of helping with your diagnosis.

How to choose the right treatment center

Selecting the best drug rehab or addiction treatment center is not an easy task or decision. Multiple different factors will affect your final decision on where to obtain help including the cost of care, whether or not your health insurance is accepted, and the type of treatment being provided. Recovhub can provide you with the necessary information to help you choose where to obtain mental health, behavioral health, or addiction treatment services.

Although it is possible to stop using drugs and or alcohol without the help or need for an intervention, this is extremely rare once an individual starts using substances to cope with their everyday life. Most individuals find success with abstaining from drugs or alcohol with the help of a support group and professional treatment that a rehab center provides. When choosing a drug rehab, outpatient treatment center, or residential treatment center, it is important to consider the number of years that the rehab center has been established, its accreditations, patient recovery success rate, as well as its location.

Your journey into a life of recovery begins when you find the right treatment center that meets your personal needs and requirements and can help to assist you in treating substance use disorder. At Recovhub, our goal is to help you find and obtain the resources you need to live your best life and become the best version of you. Our team is committed to being an integral part of your journey as you find the treatment and aftercare that leads to lasting recovery.