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Briarwood Detox Center in Austin offers a certain quality of care you won’t find at other detox facilities. We know it’s been a long time since you’ve been treated as a person rather than an addict, but that ends here. You’ll be respected and cared for by our staff for the minute you walk in, with access to the highest quality medical and clinical care available and all the comforts of home. Completing a drug or alcohol detox program at our Austin detox center is just the start of regaining your life back and overcoming your alcohol or drug addiction. Our individually-tailored programs are private, safe, and they greatly reduce your risk of relapse by providing a solid foundation for sobriety. Although physical abstinence from drugs and alcohol is an essential part of recovery, the process is very much emotional and spiritual as well. At Briarwood, you’ll receive multi-disciplinary treatment to address the physical and psychological aspects of detox, for a whole-person approach to lasting sobriety. This includes 24/7 medical supervision for safety, pain management and on-site medical care . Our commitment to quality care is reflected in the beautiful facility that we offer our clients. Briarwood’s tranquil location is designed to provide the utmost comfort in a welcoming environment that is conducive to the healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Simply put, our mission is to provide the highest quality care possible to support you as you make the life-altering decision to get sober.

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