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Iris Healing Retreat


Woodland Hills


Iris Healing Retreat is located in the San Fernando Valley, in Woodland Hills, CA. Our treatment center is a dual-diagnosis detox and residential facility that provides our patients with the tools necessary to overcome the challenges of trauma, addiction, and associated mental health conditions. We offer a truly holistic and comprehensive treatment program that promotes sustained individual recovery. We specialize in recovery from trauma, whether related to addiction, family of-origin issues, or abuse in any form. We do this by examining the core problems and subsequent developmental patterns that have contributed to unhealthy and addictive behaviors all while treating the underlying reason — unresolved psychological trauma — which we believe to be at the core of dependancy and mental fitness issues. Our Doctorate-level medical team of workers are the key to this work and are the essential component of our cure program. The Iris Healing mixture of clinical leadership, proof based totally modalities, and spiritual standards units us aside from other trauma, addiction, and restoration treatment the information of our intellectual health professionals who information Iris Healings’ treatment strategy and supply ongoing training for our multi-disciplinary team, ensuring that sufferers are handled with time-tested, holistic practices. This strategy is the basis of our specialised software and why we are leaders in addressing unresolved emotional trauma and the underlying issues related to dependancy. In tandem with our traditional treatment process, we offer patients neurofeedback and a variety of technology-based modalities to help heal the brain. In our leading-edge Brain Center, patients have access to the latest and most effective technology designed to promote self-regulation skills that enhance and expedite the recovery process. Trauma, addiction, and mental health conditions affect the entire family. Therefore, we designed our Family Weekends to give our patients and their loved ones a safe space to engage in open and honest communication while exploring family relational issues. This is a time of learning, growth, change, and forgiveness for everyone, and ensures that the transition back to daily life is successful. Our patients also participate in a variety of regulatory activities that enrich the recovery process, including: • Cupping & Massage Therapy • Mindfulness • Rock to Recovery • Yoga • Meditation • Spirituality Group And our Patients also benefit from: • High staff-to-patient ratio • Extensive assessments and diagnosis • Nutritional consultation • Weekly psychiatry consult

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