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Medicare And Your Mental Health Benefits

Medicare coverage and benefit information for mental health.

Medicare & YourMental Health Benefits

Talk to your doctor or healthcare provider if you have the following symptoms:

• Thoughts of ending your life

• Sad, empty, or hopeless feelings

• A lack of energy

• Trouble concentrating

• Trouble sleeping

• Little interest in things you used to enjoy

• Weight loss or loss of appetite

• Increased use of alcohol or other drugs

What's Covered

Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) helps pay for mental health care if you’re an inpatient in a general or psychiatric hospital. Part A covers the following:

a) Your Room

b) Meals

c) Nursing Care

d) Other Related Services & Supplies

If you’re in a psychiatric hospital (instead of a general hospital), Part A only pays for up to 190 days of inpatient psychiatric hospital services during your lifetime. Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) helps cover mental health services provided by doctors and other health care professionals if you’re admitted as a hospital inpatient.

What do I pay?

For inpatient mental health services, you pay:

• A one-time hospital deductible for each benefit period

• Days 1-60: no coinsurance amount for each benefit period

• Days 61-90: a coinsurance amount per day of each benefit period

• Days 91 and beyond: a coinsurance amount for each “lifetime reserve day” after day 90 of each benefit period (up to 60 days over your lifetime)