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Inpatient Treatment

What is A Inpatient Treatment Center?

What is an inpatient treatment center? What services are offered to individuals at a residential rehab facility? How long does treatment last at a residential drug rehab?

What is a inpatient treatment center?

A live in drug rehab center or residential treatment center offers a spectacle of mental health benefits to individuals in recovery for drug or alcohol abuse and substance use disorder, including 24-hour on site staff members, healthcare providers, counseling, evidence based treatment, a treatment plan, emotional support groups, family therapy, and freedom from triggers of the outside world. Find the help you deserve during the COVID-19 pandemic. With just 30 days at a inpatient treatment rehab facility, you can get rid of toxins and flush your body of all chemicals to become clean and sober, start therapy, join a alcohol or drug addiction support group, and learn how to prevent a relapse by identifying triggers and cravings. Getting sober on your own is not recommended because detoxing from alcohol and other benzodiazepine medications can be extremely dangerous.

How does a residential drug rehab facility help treat addiction?

With professional help, a relapse after the detox process is less likely to occur. Addiction treatment centers and behavioral healthcare providers offer individuals a safe detox environment with medical professionals that can provide the attention and care one needs during the initial withdrawal phase. A live in treatment facility is one of the highest levels of care offered for drug addiction and alcoholism. A healthcare provider will put together a treatment plan that's tailored to each individuals specific needs. The average stay in a residential treatment program or live in treatment center is between 30 and 45 days, but most drug rehab facilities offer longer substance abuse treatment and care programs that range between 60 to 90 days. The length of care depends on an individuals initial response to treatment, the health insurance carrier policy and benefit coverage, and or the ability to pay out of pocket for addiction treatment.

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