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Sober Living

What Is A Sober Living Or Halfway House?

If you are searching for a trusted, reputable, and structured alcohol and substance abuse treatment center or sober living home, look no further than Recovhub's nationwide drug rehab locator to find your ideal halfway house by city and state or zip code.

What is A Sober Living House?

A sober living house, sober house, or halfway house is a safe living space free of drugs and alcohol for individuals in their early recovery. Residents of an SLE ( sober living environment ) sustain from using any drugs or alcohol and often times support one another in the recovery journey. When an individual completes an inpatient treatment center or intensive outpatient treatment program, often times a counselor or therapist will recommend the patient reside in sober living rather than returning to the environment the individual previously resided.

What are the requirements to live in a sober living house?

Every halfway house or sober living home has different requirements that residents need to meet in-order to live in the home. Prior to moving into any sober living house, the house manager or person overseeing the home will provide a list of requirements to any new resident. The list of requirements may vary from house to house but these requirements are pretty standard:

  • No drugs, alcohol, or weapons
  • Weekly house meetings
  • Pay rent on time
  • Chore requirements
  • Attend school, work, or volunteer
  • Respect all residents of the house
  • Weekly AA or NA meetings
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